FayNaz believes that Kids are an important part of the kingdom of God. By the transforming love of God, through the Holy Spirit, children can experience a full and exciting life of following Jesus and become world changers at home, school, and wherever they go. 

The Children's Department at FayNaz is a safe place where children are loved and accepted regardless of their life situation. Adults who serve in the ministry go through a security clearance check and have met with a Pastor to ensure both physical and emotional safety for the children.

We have activities each Sunday and Wednesday for children nursery age through 6th grade.  

Sunday & Wednesday Activities


    9:30 A.M.  

    All Ages

    Dear Diary, 

    Our last expedition ended in Jerusalem with King David. We spent a lot of time learning about Israel and their choice to follow a king rather than God. Saul and David were Israel's first kings. We discovered a lot about God's faithfulness to the Israelites, even when they did not choose to follow Him. 

    Now that we learned about Israel's first King, I want to find out more about Israel's GREATEST King! (In Matthew the Israelites are called Jews, and the land around Jerusalem is actually called Judea.) I've scheduled another journey for Canteen and me- a journey through the book of MATTHEW. The stories in Matthew take place almost 1,000 years after the stories we studied in 1 & 2 Samuel. We left off with David. Now we're moving down the generations to learn about someone who was related to David. But he's also related to God. He's God's Son. 

    This expedition will take place all over Jerusalem, Galilee, and other parts of ancient Israel. We're all packed and ready to find out what it means to live in the kingdom of God! We want to GO AND MAKE DISCIPLES! 

    See you in Israel!


  • Kids Church

    10:30 a.m.

    All Ages

    Enjoy a treat with us as we learn what candy bars have to do with the Bible! 

  • Wednesday Activities

    7:00 p.m.

    All Ages

    A new fun surprise EVERY Wednesday! 

Upcoming events that your child can be involved in:

Christmas Musical: rehearsals begin the first week of October during Sunday service at 10:30. Ages Preschool- 6th grade are welcome to join! 

Wednesday Night Activities: Every Wednesday at 7:00

Fall Festival: October 27th at 6:00